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I am so happy to be talking about this as it has been a long time coming. My partner, Sharon Dearman, and I have been working on this concept since 2009. Back then we proposed the idea of pairing Microsoft CRM with Analytics to help providers to better understand their current referral patterns and be able to acquire new referrals that they want.

But it wasn’t until 2014 when we began to build out the first version of our solution which we felt was as much today as it was back in 2009. We built BluestonePRM while I was working with Bluestone Consulting Group and have incubated the product over the last year and a half.

We recently decided that it was time to spin off the product as a standalone entity and, hence, Prophit Health was born. The productized version of BluestonePRM will now be Physician Engage. Our mission is singularly focused on partnering with healthcare providers to help them drive topline growth.

We strongly feel that cost cutting and the implementation of technology alone will not solve the problems that ail providers. It is imperative that providers identify their most profitable, highest performing service lines and drive volumes of these both within their current service areas while also expanding their markets geographically.

Our two core products, Physician Engage, and Physician Insight will provide traditional sales tools, processes, and data, modeled to best support the healthcare provider market. Physician Engage is Salesforce modeled to support the specifics of the provider market and healthcare relationship model. Physician Insight is an analytics engine that provides deeper insights into the true value of relationships while helping to identify physicians that you aren’t working with today that you should be.

This is an exciting time both with the changes in the healthcare market but also with the launch of our new venture. Since we have been incubating this solution for over a year we are not starting at square one.

We expect to be sharing some great news and updates shortly so please keep an eye on us. Feel free to checkout our new website ( and sign up for our newsletter, connect with us on LinkedIn (–health) or follow us on twitter (

We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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