Meaningful Use: A Benefit Not a Tax

I was reading an article this morning in Healthcare IT News, Meaningful Use Is Good For Business, that really struck a chord with me, and underscores what we have been preaching for years. Meaningful use, often thought of as overhead or a tax, is actually really good business!

For too long, hospitals and care providers have focused exclusively on individual patient care, and less on business and operations, acting more like a local physicians practice than the multi million, or often billion dollar corporations, that they really are.

The focus should always be on the patient, and the delivery of the highest levels of care. But healthcare providers should also be operated as a high performance business operation. This will ultimately lead to efficiencies and increased profits that can be reinvested into patient care and charitable care.

There is a lot that medicine can learn from business, and Meaningful Use is a great way to force the healthcare community to begin the transformation.

The data that Meaningful Use requires for reporting and compliance is an extremely valuable asset. An asset so valuable that it should be treasured and leveraged internally to drive a variety of initiatives including Clinical Decision assist, real-time patient surveillance, medication management, care standardization, supply chain optimization, and chronic disease management to name a few.

These initiatives will drive improved outcomes across patient populations, while allowing the organization to identify and focus on service lines and operations that you perform better than your peers and competitors, rather than operating a full service shop.

If more organizations would embrace rather than resist Meaningful Use, we would be a lot further along our journey of improving access and the quality of care.

So where do you get started? Tune in next time when we address phase 1!

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