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Bluewolf recently released the latest version of their annual State of Salesforce report. It is no surprise that data and analytics was the major focus of the report. All of these tools, including, are great, but they are almost useless without good quality data that is easy to use and manipulate.

According to the report “More than two-thirds of companies using Salesforce will invest in analytics offerings in the coming year, according to Bluewolf’s fourth annual “The State of Salesforce” report.”

A graph of “The biggest barriers to deriving business insights from Salesforce data” | Source: Bluewolf in essence, is a tool to capture data and make it actionable. If the data is missing or of poor quality your users won’t trust the system and won’t use it.

The report continues “76 percent of those surveyed saw some shortcoming in data manipulation as the biggest barrier to deriving business insights from Salesforce data, including 30 percent who face snags accessing different types of data, 28 percent who deal with data quality that is poor or inconsistent, and 18 percent that have issues reconciling data from multiple sources.”

While absolutely vital, data quality is only half the story. If data is hard to integrate, extract, and manipulate, it’s of limited value. Very rarely does all of an organizations data reside in The data in Salesforce has some value by itself, but the value increases exponentially when combined with data from across the enterprise.

The study concludes “it also shows that companies face challenges in making sense of data that they collect from services like Salesforce.”

Isn’t that one of the core reasons that we use platforms like Salesforce in the first place? I am not saying not to use, far from it. We have built our Physician Engage solution on the platform.

Just plan on having a strong data management program and solution in place for providing analytics outside of the platform in place in order to be successful.

That’s what we have done with our solution and is one of the core values we provide.

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