Care Plan Compliance

In today’s market it is imperative that hospitals look to drive referral volumes for their best and most profitable services. While most of the talk has been about population health and accountable care, 90%+ plus of payments are still made under the old fee for service model. Many hospitals are struggling financially. Increasing volumes of profitable referrals will allow them to better fund their business and continue to provide charitable care and all of their unprofitable services for as long as possible.

And this will position hospitals ideally for an accountable care environment. In an at-risk model, hospitals will get paid based on the quality of their care and their costs to deliver that care. It will serve a provider well to focus on what they do best.

Intelligent Business Development

Not all growth is created equal though. Providers will need to focus their resources on their best services, and drive volumes for those services. A good deal of hospitals are already trying to drive volumes of profitable services, but not all referrals are created equal.

A referrals value is based on a variety of criteria including insurance payer, geography, location category, referred physician, and specific procedure profitability.

Our solution provides hospitals the transparency that they need to identify the physicians and providers who have the best patients for them based on their specific requirements. By laser focusing their marketing and business development efforts on the right opportunities, we allow them to drive higher volumes of profitable referrals in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of resources ensuring a larger ROI and quicker time to revenue.

Strong Business Case

By focusing on driving volumes of profitable referrals, hospitals can make a sizeable impact on their bottom-line. A $2B health system might have upwards of $600M in specialty referrals. When we are able to influence even 2% of profitable specialty referral volumes, we can provide a payback of $12M.

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