Mission And Values

At Prophit Insight, our mission is to help make hospitals profitable, again, by following four simple rules: 1.) Drive local market success. 2.) Act now. Do it today. Get results. 3.) Set targets. Keep score. Win. 4.) Respect each other.

At Prophit Insight our core values are simple: do good, have fun, make money. Our success will ensure: customers build their business; employees build their futures; shareholders build their wealth.


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Address: 1350 Main St. 

Suite 500

Springfield, MA 01103

Phone: 866-201-8464
Email: team@prophitinsight.com


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Prophit Insight

1350 Main Street,

Suite 500,

Springfield, MA 01103

Phone. 866-201-8464

Email. team@prophitinsight.com