Physician Engage for Health Cloud

Complete Value-Based Care Management Platform

The hospital model has gone through a dramatic change over the last 20 years. Hospitals shifted from a place of service to a full service provider as they began to employee physicians that were more than just ER staff and hospitalists. More recently hospitals began a major consolidation as they looked to acquire hospitals, physician groups, and service providers in order to drive volumes.

While volumes of physicians are important, it is even more important that providers have the right physicians and put the right patients in front of the right physicians.

Our solutions help health systems with:

Improved Transparency & Insight
• Referral patterns
• Identify network leakage
• Referral profitability
• Physician performance
• Better identify trends and forecast future services

Physician Management
• Ensure they hire and acquire the right physicians
• Build relationships with the right referral partners
• Properly on-board new physicians and relationships to get from agreement to revenue as quickly as possible while better ensuring they don’t leak referrals right from the start
• Track and improve ongoing physician performance and influence behavior
Referral Management
If physicians are the heart of the hospital, referrals are the blood. Our solutions help hospitals to:
• Ensure they have a steady volume of profitable referrals and for the right procedures for them
• Better capture referral information and better track network leakage
• Route the right referral to the right physician at the right location at the right time
• Dramatically reduce the volume of profitable network leakage

Network Management
And ultimately hospitals will need to create, monitor, and manage Clinically Integrated Networks, Accountable Care Organizations, and groups of physicians and providers in order to better support the shift to value-based payment models:
• Identify the right physicians to include in each network
• Monitor ongoing clinical and financial performance of each network and each individual physician
• Influence behavior of under-performing physicians
• Identify physicians or providers who should be removed from the network

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